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Coach Schroeder's camp starts July 11th. All of his sessions are dedicated to the fundamentals of basketball and making sure that all of his campers improve. His camps will last for four sessions, two and a half hours per session. If your camper is serious about becoming a better basketball player, or even just interested in learning the right way to play the game, join coach Schroeder at Kings Way High School. You can contact him 503.519.1539 or by email at Click Here for a full schedule.

Starts This Spring!!

Coach Schroeder has been selected by the National Association of Basketball Coaches to run their Official Skill Development Camp! His dedication to youth basketball in the Battle Ground area made his an easy choice to head up the only camp in the area backed by the most successful coaches in the nation.

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For $99 your son or daughter gets 4 sessions with Coach Schroeder, a high quality basketball, a SkillsChamp T-shirt, and their very own website that will track individual progress throughout camp. They will have access to videos covering every drill they will perform during camp and even the ones they need to work on between sessions. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 310.591.8882.


Sign up at least one week before camp starts to avoid a $10 late fee.

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